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Sports in Breda

In the city of Breda are many possibilities for recreation. There are 4 public swimming pools, a covered ice-skating rink (Breda North), 16 football clubs, 12 tennis clubs, 5 hockey clubs, 5 golf associations, 21 fitness centres and 7 riding schools. For those who like walking or jogging in nature, there is a choice amongst different forests. Besides you can find many associations that have all kind of other sports activities.


Breda has 4 public swimming pools. Furthermore there are 6 swimming pools spread over different sport centres. Public swimming pools: Covered pool the 'Wisselaar' (North); Covered and partially open air pool the 'Sonsbeeck' (South); Open air pool the 'Wolfslaar' (South); Open air pool the 'Kuil' (Prinsenbeek).

Football clubs

The most famous football club of Breda is NAC. Created on the 19th of September 1912, after a fusion between NOAD (‘Nooit Ophouden Altijd Doorzetten’, meaning Never Give Up, Always Go On) and ADVENDO (‘Aangenaam Door Vermaak En Nuttig Door Ontspanning’, meaning Pleasant By Enjoyment And Useful By Relaxation). NAC means: “(N)oad (A)dvendo (C)ombinatie” (Noad Advendo Combination).

The other 15 football clubs from Breda are: Advendo (East/Heusdenhout); Boeimeer(South/Boeimeer); JEKA (South/Overakker); Groen-Wit (West/Heuvel); PCP (East/Brabantpark); S.A.B.(West/Haagpoort); The Gunners (North-West/Kievitsloop); Baronie (South/IJpelaar); Barca(East/Brabantpark); WDS’19 (North-West/Muizenberg); TVC Breda(West/Tuinzigt); DIA(Teteringen); UVV’40 (Ulvenhout); V.V. Bavel (Bavel); Beek Vooruit (Prinsenbeek).

Tennis clubs

The area of Breda has 12 tennis associations, spread all over the city: TV Bavel (Bavel); BLTV

(South/Ruiterbos); TVHB (North-West/Kievitsloop); TV Heksenwiel (North-West/Heksenwiel); TV IJpelaar (South/IJpelaar); TV Markant (South/Boeimeer) TC Breda (South/Mastbos); Teteringse TV(Teteringen); TV Prinsenbeek (Prinsenbeek); UTV (Ulvenhout); TV Breda-Noord (North); TV ’T Ei(City)

The sport of tennis known as such at present times has been introduced in 1880 in the Netherlands, coming from England. The rules of the modern tennis game originate from a game from the medieval times: play at fives. This was a popular way of spending time during the 15th and 16th century in the European courts. For playing at fives, a leather ball, filled with hair or straw would be thrown with the palm of the hand and rebounce.

Hockey clubs

In the area of Breda are 5 different hockey clubs: Push (district: East/ Brabantpark); Breda (district:South/Ruiterbos); Zwart-Wit (district:South/Ginneken); MHC Teteringen (district: Teteringen); Prinsenbeek (district: Prinsenbeek).

In 1891, Pim Mulier brought the game of field hockey from England to the Netherlands. Haarlem is the city where for the first time hockey on the grass was being played. Bandy players played on the hockey field out of the Winter season. In 1895 the championship of the Netherlands took already place. The winner got the Pim Mulier Exchange Cup. In 1898, five clubs set up the Dutch Hockey and Bandy Association (NHBB) in hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam. The oldest hockey club in Breda is ‘Hockeyclub Breda’ , created in 1906.

Golf clubs

In the area of Breda are 5 golf clubs: Albatross (district: Prinsenbeek); Princenbosch (district: Bavel); Toxandria (Molenschot / Bavel); de Haene (district: Teteringen); Bergvliet (Terheijden).

It is said that the first game of golf took place in Loenen aan de Vecht, at Castle Kronenburg, on the 2nd day of Christmas 1297. More recent history of golf sport has been a source of dispute between the Dutch and the Scottish; both claim to be the real cradle of the present golf game. Around 1650, in the Netherlands golf was played with Scottish sticks. However, at the beginning of the same century large quantities of golf balls, made in the Netherlands, were imported to Scotland. This shows that more than three and a half century ago, golf was already being played in the Netherlands, whatever the way was.

Riding schools

Breda has 7 riding schools. Besides there are a number of boarding houses for horses. Riding schools in the surroundings of Breda: Roosenberg (Bavel); Overbos (Prinsenbeek); Sintels (North); Manege Molenschot(Molenschot); Ruitersportcentrum Breda (South/IJpelaar); Mastbosruiters (North); Stal Huijbregts(Princenhage)

The history of the art of riding started during the Renaissance (1540). Thanks to books, the rules of riding were spread. At the beginning barbaric means were being used to teach the horse the art of riding. The import of Spanish horses meant that riding horses could be bred for working in the manège. Little by little a friendlier way of training the horses for the art of riding was being implemented.

Fitness centres

There are 21 fitness centres in the area of Breda. Many people like to go there because of professional staff, modern equipment but above all friendly atmosphere. The fitness centres are spread over different districts.

What started off as training on benches, training with weights and doing exercises etc has nowadays become a very extensive sport with well developed and modern equipment. Different goals can be aimed for such as the development or strengthening of muscles, training especially for sports or figure improvement.

Ice rink

The covered ice skating-rink in Breda (North) disposes of a 400 metres rink and an ice floor of 30 x 60 metres: a very sporty and attractive space. From ice skating tournaments to games for enjoyment purpose, for young and old; everyone always has a good time there. A staff party, a Winter party or a meeting combined with ice skating or teambuilding, everything is possible!

On September the 17th, 1882, the Koninklijke Nederlandsche Schaatsenrijders Bond, KNSB, (the Dutch Royal Ice Skating Association) was created as an overall organisation for ice skating. Nowadays the KNSB has long and short rink skating, short track, figure-skating, marathon skating, fancy-skating and tour skating.